WannaCry: The Next Wave of Ransomware

All About WannaCry Ransomware There was a global attack that began on Friday, May 12, 2017, infecting over 200,000 computers in 150 countries that has been halted, thanks to the cybersecurity researcher known as MalwareTech and with the help of Darien Huss from security firm ProofPoint. MalwareTech accidentally came across a domain name that happened to be a kill switch built into the malware and was able to stop the virus by registering the domain. The worm, a type of virus, has been dubbed WannaCry, WannaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r 2.0, or Wanna Decrytor. Files are encrypted with .wnry, .wcry, .wncry, and .wncryt extensions. An infected file will have one of those extensions at the end of its name. The malicious software WannaCry,

How to Proactively Handle Spam Email

Spam Email Everyone has experienced spam, a commonplace inconvenience, but many people are unaware of the danger present with these viral emails. There are many solutions and CraftechRMS offers proactive clean up and prevention of messy spam. The best step is to learn more. Proactively Handling Spam E-mail The first step in stopping spam is to train your filter. When you find spam in your inbox, don’t just delete it, report it! Many email clients will have a button for that exact purpose. Gmail, for example, has the Report Spam button in their toolbar. The more you use this the better your client will become at recognizing spam from legitimate email. It is up to you to train the client.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013

The best email platform on Earth is here! ✓ Full Exchange not just OWA ✓ Geo Redundant Databases ✓ Barracuda Security Included ✓ SSL Encryption ✓ Free Active Sync ✓ Blazing 10Gb Network ✓ SSAE 16 TYPE II Data Center ✓ 99.9% UPTIME SLA ✓ No Contract, Month to Month billing!! ✓ Only $4 / 5GB Mailbox a month ✓ Fully supported with CrafTech Technicians Reliability 99.9% uptime Anytime Anywhere access. Productivity Shared Calendars, Tasks and Important Contacts. Security Encryption to ensure communication is kept from prying eyes. Cost $4/Mailbox No Contract Month to Month Billing. No yearly contract Support Fully supported with CrafTech Technicians to assist via email and phone support. Microsoft relies on India for their support and

Ready Recovery

Restore with CrafTechRR in less than 5 minutes! Critical to any backup strategy is how easily and quickly you can recover a single file, folder, database or even an entire server. Traditional file based technologies fail to meet the recovery time and recovery point objectives of business today. Using the latest in 4th generation Real-Time Recovery technologies, CraftechRR® eliminates recovery windows, eliminates backup windows and eliminates cost and complexity from backup, recovery and disaster recovery for all sizes of business. Only 3% is caused by Natural Disaster. More common disaster are caused by:  Hardware:             42% Software:               14% Human Error:        30% That is already 86% chances that can happen to you! Theft:                    5% Malware:                7%