Backup & Disaster Recovery

Powerful protection and security in backing up your files.

Having a data recovery plan is a crucial aspect of successfully running a business. Without the ability to recover data, lost for any reason, a business can lose more than that data. Businesses that experience a significant data loss, without recovery, are at great risk of closing as a consequence.

Disaster recovery is a preventable measure to insure data loss due to hardware failure, human tampering, fire and flood. Impossible to predict disasters occur all of the time, but using a professionally managed data recovery service will make an impossible problem an easy one to solve.

CrafTech offers more than a simple offsite storage archive. Our live backup plan allows for fast recovery from anywhere. That includes live backups, flexible snapshot intervals, real-time file access, reporting, and remote drive replication at a more affordable cost than doing this yourself.

Disaster Recovery = Business Continuity