Hosted Microsoft Exchange, HIPPA privacy protection, email filter

Hosted Microsoft Exchange, HIPPA privacy protection, email filter

Email Services

Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2013 Available

Share documents, calendars, contacts & tasks from all platforms wherever you are.

The best email platform on Earth

  • Full Exchange not just OWA
  • Geo Redundant Databases
  • Barracuda Security Included
  • SSL Encryption
  • Free Active Sync
  • Blazing 10Gb Network
  • SSAE 16 TYPE II Data Center
  • 99.9% UPTIME SLA
  • No Contract, Month to Month billing!!
  • Fully supported with CrafTech Technicians

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Purchasing a Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2013 mailbox through us gives you full support from our highly qualified technicians. Since Microsoft has limited email and web support. This is the leading reason why our clients choose us as the one stop shop for all computer and technical needs.

Connect with confidence.

Not all email services are created equal. You could settle for a free account, like Yahoo, but you have to put up with ads in your messages. If you’re hosting a web site, it may have come with email, but you probably have to manage it yourself and rely on pre-configured spam filtering. As we receive email, our filter machines check every single one for every possible scenario. We scan for viruses, patterns used by spammers, against databases for known bad addresses, etc. You don’t need to have your email hosted by CrafTech in order to take advantage of our filters. If you have an existing domain and email hosted by another ISP or you maintain your own mail server, we can still filter your email and delivered it to your server. The only difference is that your inbox will be cleaner by as much as 92.2%.

Microsoft Exchange-Based Services

Microsoft Exchange is the most popular and feature-rich enterprise email platform on the market today. In a hosted environment, a business no longer has to worry about managing and maintaining its own Exchange servers – the provider takes full responsibility for these tasks. Users get to work in the familiar, feature-rich Exchange/Outlook environment; they also get access to powerful web-based and mobile messaging and collaboration tools. Hosted Exchange services usually come in two flavors: multi-tenant and dedicated hosting. Both offer security, performance and reliability, but dedicated servers support a wider range of custom options at a higher monthly cost. Exchange hosting is an ideal choice for companies that want to migrate to an email service provider without giving up their existing Microsoft applications. They are also a good choice for growing businesses that need a wider range of collaboration and messaging tools than other solutions can provide.

Benefits of Hosted Microsoft Exchange Through CrafTech Computer Solutions

  • Limitless number of email addresses
  • Larger disk space so you no longer have to delete important emails to free up space
  • Fast, easy, and secure when sending large files
  • Capability of storing company contacts to share with everyone in the office
  • Make it possible for everyone to share calendars to see when certain members are available for a meeting
  • Task management allows users to create and assign tasks to members on the staff
  • Quick and easy implementation to get you up and running within minutes of signing up
  • Fast track your company to enterprise-level communicating
  • Having a dedicated IT staff at CrafTech who will manage any and all issues that may arise with your exchange service
  • Sync up on all devices anytime, anywhere. From mobile to tablets to anywhere there is an internet connection you will always have access to your email
  • Initial Cost are minimal. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on hardware and software licenses. Cost is low, predictable and easy to budget
  • Updates performed in a timely manner by our trained experts at CrafTech. Our systems are fully redundant and backed up routinely

Barracuda Filtering

CrafTech Computer Solutions provides clients with Hosted Exchange Email with the greatest benefit coming from our barracuda filtering. The barracuda filtering is a firewall that is an integrated hardware and software solution designed to protect your email server from spam, virus, spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks. Outbound filtering and encryption options also prevent confidential or sensitive information from being purposely or inadvertently leaked outside the organization. This is known as Data Leakage Prevention. Along with Data Leakage Prevention the optional cloud layer shields email servers from inbound malware and DoS attacks while filtering out normal spam before it ever touches the networks perimeter.


HIPAA’s privacy rule sets the minimum standard for the protection of confidential patient information, this is called PHI or “Protected Heath Information”. PHI must be protected against all anticipated physical and electronic threats. HIPPA requires that certain requirements are met. CrafTech Computer Solutions abides by the following requirements:

  • Securing patient records containing individually identifiable health information so that they are not readily available to those who don’t need them
  • Trained employees that understand the privacy procedures
  • Provide information to patients about their privacy rights and how their information can be used
  • Adopting clear privacy procedures for its practice, hospital or plan

CrafTech Computer Solutions also follows the HIPPA Security Rule HIPAA’s Security Rule establishes a new term “ePHI” or Electronic Protected Health information. Our goal at CrafTech is to follow HIPPA’s security rule to protect the privacy of individuals’ health information while allowing covered entities to adopt new technologies to improve the quality and efficient of patient care. The HIPAA Security Rule describes safeguards as the administrative, physical, and technical considerations that an organization must incorporate into its HIPAA security compliance plan. Safeguards include technology, policies and procedures, and sanctions for noncompliance.


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