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Contact CrafTech for outstanding Cybersecurity Protection. Get peace of mind; don’t stress about cybersecurity and data protection. Experienced a breach? Reach out to us now and we will take immediate action. Affordable & Dependable Security!

Level 1: Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

ATP – Why is it better than Office 365 ATP?

One of the reasons why the spam filter on Office 365 fails to detect spam is that Microsoft spam filters work retrospectively. Only after a customer has reported a spam email will Microsoft add the IP address to its “real-time block lists” and include the blacklisted IP address in the next software update. With spammers frequently changing IP address, retrospective updating is generally ineffective.

Although the Office 365 spam filter offers a reasonable level of security, some businesses find it lacking against highly-sophisticated cyber threats, especially phishing attacks. Because of this many organizations are adopting a defense-in-depth strategy, using Spam Titan, to protect their Office 365 users from advanced and persistent phishing threats.

Level 2: ‘Defense in Depth’ Approach to Security

  • Applies 58 automated policies and monitoring to make your system more secure. WAY better than written policies or even Group Policy.
  • Allows exceptions easily to any computer for any policy.
  • Provides highly effective ISOLATE and ANNIHILATE buttons for infected, lost, or stolen computers.
  • Creates a full Audit Report to prove compliance for HIPAA, PCI, others.
  • Creates a full record of every user logon, logoff, unlock, lock, and failed logon event.

Enables organizations to deepen their defense by hardening endpoint devices.  It enforces a “defense in depth” approach to security by locking down computers so that employees only have the necessary privileges to do their jobs without opening your organization to dangerous cyber-attacks.  With 60 percent of cyber-attacks targeting small and medium-sized organizations, businesses need much more than anti-virus and a firewall; they need a product like Third Wall to secure their devices and end endpoints.​

Level 3:  365 Breach Monitoring

What will it do for you?

It is NOT anti-virus; it is not there to block/defend/prevent anything. That is the job of our threat detection security stack. It is a detection layer, specifically the detection of persistence. It is about detection and not prevention; they come into play when all your other means of preventing have failed.

An agent installed on all endpoints that gathers lots of information about processes, lots of logs, events, execution metadata, all kinds of stuff. It packages it up and streams it in near real-time to the threat hunting team at Huntress and they do one thing: look for anything or anyone trying to be persistent for any reason using any technique.


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